Paving, commercial Sealcoating, Parking Lot Maintenance and other Services by Ingstrup Paving, Inc. in Villa Park, Illinois

Ingstrup Paving, Inc. provides a variety of paving services for our commercial and residential customers. Below are the major services we provide, please call us to ask if you don't see a service you need.


We specialize in the building of new asphalt surfaces for commercial and residential clients. We perform excavation and grading of the area to help with drainage. A specifically designed asphalt mix is poured and finish-rolled to present a high quality finished surface based on your needs and requirements.

Removal and Replacement

Worn out, deteriorated asphalt can be removed and hauled off. We can then repair the aggregate base if it is soft or damaged. We regrade the base to promote better drainage. Afterwards, we lay a specifically designed asphalt mix that is finish rolled to a finished surface.


Asphalt milling requires removing a couple layers of the existing pavement prior to resurfacing or overlaying, using a large, commercial grade grinder on roadways and parking lots. This is cost effective and a fantastic alternative to complete removal and replacement, if the situation calls for it.
Resurfacing the area is sometimes possible, using a new layer of asphalt instead of removal and replacement. Before we resurface, we clean the lot and perform any necessary repairs. Then a tack coat is applied to promote adhesion before we lay a new layer of asphalt.
Parking Area with white paint — Asphalt Repair in Villa Park, IL


Parking lots, roadways and driveways take a beating every year, and swings in temperature bring accelerated wear and tear. Constant freeze and thaw cycles make the surface swell and contract, causing cracks. Water that seeps in then freezes, causing even worse cracking. These all add up to a compounded problem caused by our local climate.

Asphalt Repair

Full depth repairs are accomplished by determining the extent of the deteriorated area, saw cutting the asphalt to full depth around the perimeter of the predetermined area, and removing the damaged asphalt. Aggregate base repairs are made, an adhesive tack coat is applied as needed, and new hot asphalt mix installed and compacted to existing thickness and grade.

Pothole Patching

This is a terrific cost-saving alternative to full depth repairs where the damaged areas are small. This process is accomplished by cleaning out the pothole of trash and other debris and installing hot mix asphalt, compacted to grade.
Wide Road — Asphalt Repair in Villa Park, IL

Crack Filling

Moisture is one of the leading causes of pavement failure in our region. For this reason, it is important for asphalt cracking to be attended to promptly. This will greatly extend the life of the pavement and save you money in the long run. The cracks are thoroughly cleaned, routed out to ¼” or wider and then filled with a hot pour rubberized crack-filling compound.

Seal Coating (commercial only)

Asphalt will also break down when the binding agent holding the aggregate (stone) together begins to deteriorate. This occurs often from external conditions such as gasoline, oil, and de-icing salts. Asphalt seal coating will not only restore the original color but also protect the asphalt. Seal coating begins with the cleaning of the parking lot surface to remove dirt and debris. A sealant is applied to areas stained by oil or gasoline. A one or two coat application of water based coal tar emulsion is applied by squeegee or spray method as directed by the customer. Seal coating requires twenty-four to forty-eight hours to dry, depending on weather conditions.


Add the finishing touches to your parking lot with pavement markings using the existing layout or a new layout on new construction including required striping of loading areas, crosswalks, fire lanes and tow-away zones. Other services, such as signage installation on posts or pedestals are also available.

Other Services

Storm Sewer Catch Basins

Storm sewer catch basins begin to fail and deteriorate over time from cars driving over them, cars parking on them and snowplows hitting them. Catch basin repairs can include replacement of deteriorated adjusting rings and up to and including precast basin structure replacement.

Wheel Stops

Six foot and seven-foot car wheel stops, eight-foot semi wheel stops and eight foot Chicago wheel stops are available.

Adjusting Rings

Our adjusting rings are for storm sewer adjustments and are available in various thicknesses.

Sign Pedestals

Our sign pedestals are eighteen inch high concrete pedestals with a 5-3/4” round hole in the center for post or pole mounting.
Parking Area with yellow paint — Asphalt Repair in Villa Park, IL

Commercial Snow Plowing and ice Control

Pick up, delivery and/or installation available